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Mind that bumper

An early morning venture down a narrow road in Wingrave almost spelled disaster for the my rear bumber. The quick three point turn ended up in a very slow ten point turn as the turn round spot i had chosen was narrower than i had thought. With the dark night and rain making visability poor , i hadn't noticed that a concrete slope was directly behind me. The gentle graunching noise alerted me to the fact that i may be leaving behind  some of my blue paint.  I was gripped by the fear of a large repair bill for the bumper  that Saabs can be known for. Luckily ,although part of the bumper had been dislodged the actual damage was minimal. Despite the pooring rain, i was able to fix it back on with my emergency tool kit before i got to the customers house.  Thank goodness for that, and the moral of the story is don't always rely on the parking sensors.

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