Aylesbury's Blue Ribbon Taxis

Airport Transfers and Executive Taxi

About us

 Blue Ribbon Chauffeurs
Blue Ribbon is a friendly and efficient Executive Taxi / Chauffeur firm that is located on the Stoke Road in Aylesbury. We deliver the service of a Chauffeur Driven Car but at the price of an Aylesbury Airport Taxi Service.  
         The company was started up by Chris Beaujeux. His background is the Automotive and Retail  industries but has spent over Two years driving in the Executive Taxi Business. The name of the firm was inspired by the Blue Ribband Atlantic challenge that is an award for the fastest liner accross the Atlantic. The values of our company are Comfort, safety and Space. This is insured by using Strong Saab Executive Cars and experienced Taxi drivers.  Our Values are based on the great ships of the 1930s  such as the Queen Mary that used to ply their trade accross the Atlantic

How are we different to a Aylesbury Taxi Firm or a Cab
 One of the main differences is that our Executive Cars are discreet. They dont have any badges saying that they are a Taxi. The two Saabs are fitted with leather seats and have very  comfortable Swedish designed chairs. The cars are fitted with Climate control thats means the optimumn cabin temperature can be maintained. We  specialise in Airport runs and trips that are longer than running around in town. Our drivers spend most of their working day on the Motorways and Major roads allowing them to plot the best route whilst the customer can relax.  The Executive Taxi is a quiet place to be as the cars dont have a radio crackling away in the background. The customer can make a phone call, listen to the Radio,  sleep or chat, safe in the knowledge that they wont be disturbed.

The Chauffeur Drivers.
    All drivers that represent the firm are experienced drivers that are licensed by Aylesbury Vale District Council. This means they have passed the CRB check, have passed a Council driving test and will carry their photo licenses on them at all times. The drivers also have extensive knowledge of Meeting and Greeting inside the airports so that we can their for you as soon as you come through arrivals

The Cars,
   The cars in the fleet  are Two top of the range Saab 9-5s and a Ford Mondeo. The Saab is a large Executive class vehicle and the Mondeo  is in the Medium size sector but has almost as much room inside. The cars are very comfortable and well appointed with Leather Seats, Climate Control, and quiet Diesel Engines. All cars have safety features such as Airbags, ABS, and are front wheel drive. This give them more grip in the snow than rear wheel drive cars.